Park Rules & Regulations

Park Hours

  • Park hours are from 5:30 am to 10:30 pm.
  • No entry after hours without a valid camping permit.


  • Do not litter - Carry out what you carry in


Camping is allowed only in areas designated by the Mills County Conservation Board. No person shall be permitted to camp in a park longer than 14 consecutive days. Camping is allowed at Pony Creek Park.

Camping Fees

  • $10 Per Day for All Other Camping
  • $12 Per Day for Electrical Site
  • Self Registration

Shelter Reservations

  • $25 per shelter per day
  • Contact the Mills County Conservation Board (MCCB) to reserve shelters

Removing Plants, Flowers, or Fruit

It is illegal to remove, injure, destroy or deface any natural or man-made structures or materials, including trees, flowers, or wildlife except with the written permission of the Mills County Conservation Board. (Mushrooms, fruits, and nuts can be harvested for personal use.) This section shall not apply to the MCCB or its officers.


  • All vehicles are restricted to designated roadways and parking areas.
  • All vehicles must follow all posted speed limits.


  • Fires permitted only in fire rings provided
  • No open fires


  • Firearms and weapons are allowed only in areas designated for hunting.
  • No firearms or fireworks in campgrounds or parks.


  • Do not tie or hitch animals to any trees or shrubs on any MCCB park.
  • All pets must be kept confined or on a leash at all times.

Permits, Fees, Reservations & Designated Uses

  • Keg Beer: Kegs are prohibited in all areas unless a permit is obtained with a required $100 deposit. Request permit from MCCB Director.
  • Trapping: Trapping or hunting areas are allowed only by permit from Director.
  • Other Areas: The Board reserves the right to require permits and establish fees and admission for any other facility, use, show, concert, demonstration, material, or service without notice.