The NEST Program

The NEST Mission is to improve the health of pregnant women, their babies, and ultimately their families. The NEST is an incentive program that encourages the following:

  • Baby clothing, nursery supplies, and equipment provided to program participants
  • Educational classes on various topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, infant care, and parenting
  • Encouragement to receive early and regular prenatal care
  • Support and encouragement to increase healthy behaviors in young families

Eligible Participants

Participants include pregnant women and families with children under age three, who reside in Mills County. The NEST encourages enrollment into the program as soon as possible in order to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Membership Guidelines

You must have attendance slips signed by the educator/facilitator when participating in approved classes, workshops, or healthy behaviors. It is your responsibility to keep your NEST membership card.


For more information call 712-527-9699.