Family Team Meetings

Family Team Meetings are a proven strategy to resolve a wide variety of issues related to child-rearing. It is a process by which an impartial person facilitates communication between parents, children and other parties facing a difficult issue. It is an opportunity for you and the others involved to tell your story, respond to each other, and resolve your concerns.

What to Expect

Family Team Meetings are private and confidential. You decide what should happen. Because you are making the agreement, you are more likely to be happy with it and do what it says. Family Team Meetings are a free service in which agreements are reached quickly and to your satisfaction.

Examples of Reasons to Do Family Team Meetings

Family Team Meetings can be helpful in a variety of circumstances, some examples include:

  • Changes or disputes in parenting
  • Helping students become more successful in school
  • Issues related to divorce, custody or visitation
  • Resolving concerns of suspension
  • Resolving disruptive behaviors
  • Other family disputes


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